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Our Services

S.O.SAccounting takes pride in providing every client with a tax return that establishes the lowest possible tax legally payable and is mathematically accurate. A quality product is also measured by the mathematical accuracy of the tax return. An accurate return meets the minimum standards for client confidence and Company pride in our product. S.O.S Accounting use only ATO approved tax software and this results in a faster and more accurate tax refund.

S.O.S Accounting is completely computerised to take full advantage of this process. You can receive your refund in your bank account in as little as 10 days from signing the completed tax return.
Whilst we specialise in preparing tax returns for individuals we are also able to help anyone with business or partnership tax returns. In fact our experience covers the whole realm of tax preparation and associated accounting functions.

Our mission as a company makes S.O.S Accountants the leader in the tax preparation industry. Three key values support our mission, a quality product, excellent service and a reasonable fee.

Tax Return for Individuals.

Tax Return preparation for individuals including all types of complex returns.

Tax Return for Investors.

Tax Return preparation for investors, small business, primary producers, corporate and trust returns.

Accounting and Bookkeeping.

Accounting and bookkeeping for business including all GST related activity.

Assistance with Tax Office.

Assistance with Tax Office problems including audit assistance and other enquiries.

Assistance with tax consequences.

Assistance with questions about the tax consequences of negative gearing or any other tax questions you have.